Transportation Services

Conventionally, the transport system was segmented and un-integrated due to competition. There by, each mode sought to exploit its own advantages in terms of cost, service, reliability and safety. The transportation systems having several modes can be considered from two different Ways:

Transportation Network

It is a logistically linked system that uses two or more transport modes with a single rate. However, it is ensured that the modes have common handling characteristics, permitting easy transfer of the freight (or people) during a movement between an origin and a destination.

Multimodal Transportation Network

In this, there is a set of transport modes that offers connections between origin and destination point. Here although intermodal transportation is possible, it does not necessarily occur. In order to take goods; household goods, office or commercial, from one place to another, the packing and moving companies present a wide number of options to the customers nation wide. The choice of the transportation mode depends on several factors like: the weight and volume of the goods, timeliness, budget, legal guidelines etc.

Common mode of transportation are:-

  • 207 Pikup
  • 407 Truck
  • 709 Trucks
  • 1109 Trucks
  • Containers
  • Trailers

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