Loading & Unloading

Loading of the goods is also significant for us because many goods got damaged during this process. We provide trucks for the transportation of goods and skilled staff to load goods on them with utmost care. Our services are not confined to India only; rather you can therefore depend on us to carry your goods safely anywhere in this world.

Our mission is to provide our customers a professional quality unloading service. Benefits of using our unloading services:

  • Increased thru-put.
  • Uniform pricing per load, which will save you thousands of dollars annually.
  • Our company provides highly trained motivated people with a strong work ethic and team spirit.
  • Unloading Services Co. requires all employees to be drug-screened prior to full-time employment, and post accident testing at our expense.
  • We provide uniforms for our lumpers.
  • Our lumper services are covered by Workman's Compensation.
  • You will be covered by a general liability policy.
  • Employees are responsible for all clean-up of pallets, shrink wrap, paper or other litter created by the unloading of trucks by us.
  • We rely upon proper accounting procedures to comply with all state and federal laws concerning good business ethics.
  • Our business forms provide you with valuable information like pallets in, pallets out, P.O. numbers for tracing product, and start/completion times of each load.

Unpack of all boxes and packing materials.

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